Do you use Google Messages? So you can get YouTube previews

Brian Adam

One of the best applications to manage text messages that exist today, especially among those available for the Android operating system, is Google Messages. This development includes options that are really interesting, such as being able to preview YouTube videos. We teach you how to get it. Among the features that are positive in this development that can be downloaded for Android for free, are that it is very easy to use and that it is compatible with RCS options that enrich its operation. The options we are talking about are available in the app since this year. And, the truth is that you may not know that it exists, much less how to use it. The truth is that, as you will see, it is really simple and fast. How to watch YouTube video in Google Messages By activating this functionality, what you will achieve is to be able to watch a YouTube video without having to leave the conversation you are having. And, this, provides a high comfort in the use of the application. Obviously, the consumption of the corresponding data is not avoided, but what you will not have to do is open an additional location to see the multimedia content that has been sent to you or that you send. The fact is that what you have to do is the following: What you have to do is configure the corresponding configuration in the application and, for this, you must open Google Messages and, then, use the icon that is in the upper right area of the interface. In the contextual menu that appears, you must choose Settings. Scroll down to the bottom of the options you see on the screen and, when locating Automatic previews. You enter a new screen with different possibilities. You have to confirm that the slider labeled Show all previews is activated. If not, click on it. With this change, the YouTube preview in the application we are talking about should work without problems. So, it doesn’t take long and the benefit is quite big. The truth is that the improvements that are coming in the app we are talking about and that is based on the use of SMS messages are being important and striking. Obviously, it is not capable of reaching those that offer developments such as Telegram or WhatsApp, but in an emergency if you do not have good coverage, it is not a bad idea to have Google Messages installed, since it will surely free you from more than one problem. >