Do you think Apple will be part of the Metaverse? (Opinion).

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metaverso apple.jpg

The word Metaveso is heard more and more. Since in October of last year, Mark Zuckerberg announced it and change the name of his company, the news has not stopped happening, but lately it has increased and that has given me food for thought. As much as I read and inform myself, Apple does not seem to be involved in this future project. But nevertheless there are data that make me suspect that it will be and will be an important part.

Virtual reality glasses are necessary for the Metaverse and Apple wants to release its own.

The Metaverse. It relates to virtual spaces where users can perform different activities. We can find video games like Fortnite or Roblox that have already carried out activities in their particular Metaverse. Platforms for virtual work meetings, understanding the situation as teleworking but going one step further. Space where you can buy land, houses, works of art, jewelry…etc. Augmented reality or virtual reality glasses will be used to interact in this world.

The fact is that Apple seems to have been creating its own for a while. We say that it seems to take time because at the moment there is no official confirmation from the company that it is creating such hardware. The rumors are already quite advanced, there is even talk of the price of the glasses and even the battery they will have. But we don’t really know anything.

The fact is that I ask myself a question and by extension to you. Do you think it’s taking so long to say it officially why is it waiting for the Metaverse to be a little more reality?

We know that Apple is not very keen on bringing out new devices that are very innovative. Unfortunately, it always seems to be one step behind the competition. Augmented reality glasses are not an initiative of the company. This strategy helps you to finally launch a product that is very well thought out and that works very, very well. Of course, always talking about the Apple ecosystem. And for this very reason is why I don’t see it very plausible that if the glasses are released it is only a matter of the Metaverse.

If all Apple devices work very well with each other because they work wonderfully, we cannot expect them to work perfectly in a virtual world where it is not exclusive to the American company.

So we have two opposing arguments and just as valid.

  1. It’s waiting for the Metaverse to announce the glasses.
  2. Glasses they won’t get along very well with that Metaverse so this is not essential for its release to the market

A lot of money is going to move in the Metaverse

What unites the two hypotheses is the Metaverse itself. A virtual world full of opportunities and full of business. Many companies are betting on it. Nvidia, Microsoft, and many others like Zara and the like. Bookmakers and a long etcetera. So it is a business opportunity and in that Apple knows that it should not miss the boat.

A lot of money is going to be moved and all that money is in virtual currency. Not long ago there was talk of some statements by Tim Cook where he said that at the moment they were not considering launching their own virtual currency. for now But logically it is something that is possible for Apple to launch a virtual, digital business model. I’m sure he’s preparing for it right now. It would be logical.

It’s one thing to arrive a little later on the device market. Arrive with novelties that in other brands are a reality months before. But if you want not to be left behind in something that is new, you must do it from the beginning, which is when you will be able to become strong, impose your ideas, your business model and Especially your rules. Here Apple should not rest on its laurels.

We’ll see if we actually see a fully virtual Apple. It’s a matter of time.