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Do you take advantage of your PC desktop? How to better position windows to work

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With the arrival of 16: 9 widescreen displays on computers, we gained space to do more tasks at once, since a wider width than older 4: 3 CRT monitors resulted in better organization of all items on the desktop. Now, over the years, that possibility was fading and many users opted for a simpler, and expensive solution: buy a second monitor.

However, windows 10 is prepared so that we can organize all the windows quickly and easily that we have on the desktop within a single monitor, to have them simultaneously in view and, thus, not lose information in the transition from one to another. And the best of all is that this function can be performed through a keyboard shortcut that will save you a lot of time and efficiency when you are counting the minutes of work.

With mouse or keyboard

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As it usually happens with all the functions of Windows 10, we can do them with the mouse or more easily thanks to a keyboard shortcut. If we choose the first method, the way to perfectly divide the screen to have two windows at the same time is done by dragging each one to one of the sides of the screen, until you see a semi-transparent shape that will preview the space you are going to occupy if you release it at that time.

Chrome window in Windows 10.

If you prefer to do it with the keyboard, it is still much simpler because you only have to press the key combination of “Windows + left” or “Windows + right”, to halve the size of the selected window and adjust it to one of the sides. As you can see in the transition that goes from the upper image to the lower one. In the same way, it is possible to take a second tab and move it to the opposite side to complete the screen surface with the two windows that we want to have in view and even change it for another if you no longer need it.

Two windows on the same screen in Windows 10.

As you see, the desk is perfectly divided into two halves to work when we need. If you want to reposition the windows as they were original, you just have to gather all the tabs (in the case of Chrome) and then drag it to the top to make it appear in full screen. In this way, it is feasible to adapt the desktop to the needs of having one or more programs open at the same time to consult data, edit images, verify information, etc.

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