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Do you share Netflix with friends? How to block your profile so that no one uses it

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Do you share Netflix with friends How to block your

We are not going to tear our garments now if some of us who gather here daily confess that Netflix is ​​usually shared among friends, so things are a bit cheaper than the full price of a subscription. And the premium, with four simultaneous windows and 4K quality, is surely the most used for these things.

Now, everything that seems beautiful from the outside, what our parents always told us to do, share, becomes a little more complicated when we verify that someone has entered our profile, they have seen several chapters of a series we were with and that chapter and that minute in which we stop seeing it has been lost. So is it possible to prevent anyone from entering our little cubicle inside Netflix without our permission?

We will shield things

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The answer to the previous question is yes. It is possible to close our profile in the shared account. in such a way that only we can access it. All you have to do is activate PIN protection and that’s it. And to achieve this, we will have to go to the web browser and access the official Netflix page.

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Manage Netflix profile on the web.

Once there we will have to access our profile, and for this we click on the icon that you will see at the top right of the page and select “Account”. Now, in the menu we display the functions that are hidden (arrow down) and we go to “Lock profile” to click on “Change”. They will ask us for the account password and then we will define that four-digit PIN number. It is important to say that, In case you are the administrators of the Netflix account, you can configure this function so that it is necessary when making any general changes. Anyway, once the above is done, we go to the mobile to see if the changes have taken effect.

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PIN protected access on Netflix.

When opening the iOS or Android app, you will immediately see how a padlock appears just below our profile. That means that no one who does not know our PIN code will be able to access it, which will prevent what we mentioned before that, whether gambling or inadvertently, someone ends up giving play to the series we are with and changes the restart point. when we get back to it. In the same way, all our hidden preferences and pleasures (Adam Sandler, for example) will be seen safe from inquisitive eyes.

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