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Do you need to repair the Face ID of your iPhone? Apple can fix it…

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Cupertino’s and service partners will be able to perform an iphone Face ID repair without needing to replace the entire device. This translates into cheaper means of repair and without sacrificing efforts to the environment. being more sustainable for users.

Service providers and apple can now perform this important Face ID fix

According to MacRumorsApple Stores and Authorized Service Providers will receive portions of the TrueDepth system that includes the front camera itself and Face ID technology. The entire shipment of parts has begun and would be close to reaching most possible locations. There are no pricing details per device or locations that will be available soon. Something that is very sad, personally, is that the iPhone X will not be included in this program. Everything will start from the iPhone XS and later.

And to end this encouraging news, this repair option will not be available in Latin America. Countries like Mexico and Brazil that have an Apple Store will not have this support. It’s amazing that every time a major change is announced they don’t consider these countries, especially when there is a large Apple fan base.

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Spain is not specified but could be

There is also no schedule for the expansion of this service, so it is practically a fact that the start-up will be in the United States. We do not doubt that countries like Spain and other regions of Europe have this service. Typically, countries like the UK, Germany, France, Spain, New Zealand, and Canada get some service launches as soon as Apple is willing.

Probably this small leak could have some place in the next Apple Event. Yes, it is a small but important announcement that could be officially reported or in any case by press release.

I personally don’t know of reasons why Face ID might not work on a device. The only case could be due to a breakdown derived from a strong fall, although Apple promises the well-known Ceramic Shield in the most recent iPhone. What do you think about this leak? Do you know someone who needs to fix their iPhone Face ID? Share your opinions about it in the comment box.

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