Do you like Outlook and have a Mac computer? There is very good news for you

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One of the best email clients that currently exist is Outlook. This Microsoft development includes a large number of options and, for this reason, it is used by a good number of users. Well, the Redmond company has made a decision that can increase its market share quite significantly. We tell you what it is about. This has to do with those who use Apple computers, and by extension the macOS operating system. To date, users who had an iMac or a MacBook (for example), could not get the application we are talking about for free in any of its options. Something that contrasts with what happens with Windows, where by default the mail client is a Lite version of the software we are talking about. Well, things are going to change a lot from now on. Microsoft makes a big decision with Outlook This email client, which allows you to use a large number of accounts, since you can use your own Outlook and also those in Gmail or iCloud, to date it could be installed in the Apple operating system as long as you have a subscription to Microsoft 365 or, failing that, an Office license. And this is just what will change from now on, as reported by Microsoft itself. Basically, what has been done is to remove the aforementioned requirements and thus make Outlook free to use on Apple computers. Therefore, if you are one of those who want to try this option because they have told you a lot about it, there are no reasons why you should not do it -since you do not have to pay anything or be registered anywhere to do so. -. A good decision that, as we said, can bring an increase in market share to the North American firm. New features coming to the software In addition to making the code free, Microsoft has added new features to Outlook. Some of them are interesting, such as the one called Handoff (which significantly improves the synchronization of tasks between the different devices on which the application is installed). In addition, the Calendar has also been optimized to be much more useful on macOS (using tools like Focus). The fact is that, finally, you can use the Microsoft mail client without having to pay anything -or have an account in a service of this company-. And, obviously, this is excellent news. >

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