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Do you like golf? TAG Heuer has launched the ideal smartwatch for you

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With the passage of time, smart watches are being launched that are specifically prepared to practice some type of sport with them. Some good examples are those that offer everything necessary to be a great possibility to use them when diving or those that are ideal for playing golf. And it has just been known that there is a new model of Tag Heuer that fits with the latter and we tell you everything it offers.

The name of the wearable is TAG Heuer Caliber E4 Golf Edition and it has a striking design that fits in with what is usually used when practicing the aforementioned sport. Besides, the screen has a sphere that has an aspect that is inspired by the world of golfsuch as a texture that mimics the usual dimples on the balls used when playing (something that is also present on the smartwatch strap).

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It should be noted that the finish of the watch is titanium, and it is striking that the thickness of the central element is only 15.3 millimeters. This fits perfectly with its sapphire crystal screen with dimensions of 1.39 inches which is OLED type, which allows it to offer excellent quality when displaying images. Something that is as useful as it is positive is that the watchface used can see the player’s card with the report of each of the 18 holes on the course if it is activated.

Tag Heuer

This is a particularly complete watch

We say this because it has hardware that allows it to offer excellent performance. A couple of examples is that your processor is a Snapdragon 4100+ that allows you to run applications with fantastic ease. In addition, the work done with the 430 mAh battery and the software makes it possible for always come to the end of the day regardless of use (except GPS activation, of course). Thus, the brands that get the smartwatch on which this is based -which is none other than the TAG Heuer Caliber E4- are exceeded by 30%.

Another thing that is important to note is that the device comes with a application for iOS (their own for Android will be released shortly), which allows you to record everything you do while playing golf. Thus, a follow-up of all the blows that are given is made -thanks to the Driving Range function-. And it is even possible to get better the swing you have taking advantage of the sensors inside the smart watch. In this way, you will end up being a better player with the aim of improving your results. By the way, with this development you can even make videos of the games you play.

TAG Heuer Caliber E4 Golf Edition price

Well, the truth is that this accessory is not particularly cheap, but we must bear in mind that it is one of those that are designed to stand out both for its design and for the functions it offers. Thus, this smartwatch that uses operating system Wear OScosts to change about 2645 euros. Not bad, right?

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