Do you like drones? You will surely love this new DJI camera

 Do you like drones?  You will surely love this new DJI camera

Carrying a good camera on the drones you use could mean that you achieve your objectives or not. Therefore, if you like this equipment a lot or you dedicate yourself almost professionally to using it, it is always positive to achieve an improvement. And that’s what you’re going to get with the new unit DJI O3 Air.

This new accessory intended for use in combination with drones, allows you to achieve excellent image quality when using it when you are in flight, and you can even use it to get a good experience. FPV (that is, the races of these flying devices that have more followers every day). Therefore, we are talking about a product that is aimed at more experienced pilots or those who want to take a leap in quality.

An excellent bill camera is from DJI

To begin with, it must be known that the main sensor is 1/17 inches, which makes it possible, among other things, to obtain a 4K image quality (at 60FPS) and be able to take advantage of a field of view of no less than 155 degrees. Of course, what is indicated is possible when an aspect ratio of 4: 2 is used (otherwise it goes down to 2.7K). It is possible to set up H.265 live streams at 1080p without much trouble with this DJI product.


Another of the good virtues that this product offers is that it uses some technologies that aim to efficiently improve the photos and videos that are taken. An example is D-Cinelike, a DJI proprietary color profile that optimizes the shadows that appear and reduces saturation in the mid-tones for maximum accuracy. Besides, it also uses this system camera rocksteady which doubles the stabilization that the equipment achieves through its hardware.

Good communication antennas

This is essential for remote use, and the DJI O3 Air includes 2T2R omnidirectionals that allow you to reach a distance of 10 kilometres with a transfer rate that reaches 50 Mbps. If we add a latency of 30 milliseconds, professional use is clearly completely possible and, moreover, with excellent capacity. This, added to the canvas compatibilityenables pilots to be able to customize the management elements they see on the usage screen.


compatibility and price

This unit is compatible with glasses DJI FPV Google 2, to be able to enjoy on its Micro-OLED screen everything that the camera emits in real time. Besides, you won’t have problems combining this new camera with the manufacturer’s own Fly application to be able to see live what happens when flying -this as a secondary unit-. Other accessories that are compatible are listed below: DJI O3 Air Unit, DJI Avata, and DJI FPV Remote Controller 2.

The sale of the DJI O3 Air begins today in the different regions in which this manufacturer has a presence. Its price stands at 650 euro, since the change is made directly with the dollar. The package, in addition to the camera, includes a battery, a screen protector and the frame for the glasses with which the use of this accessory will be combined.


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