Do you know which are the 10 best-selling mobiles of what we carry from 2020?

Do you know which are the 10 best-selling mobiles of what we carry from 2020?

This year it will go down in history because of the virus and we will all have it well in mind. And not only for health reasons but also for work, business and sales. Luckily, until the confinement and closure of a good part of the markets around the planet arrived, the mobile phone industry continued to sell units with some normality.

That is why the period between January and March could help us to know where the courses were going on sales and user preferences when buying a smartphone. And the main headline left by the data that has just been published is that, just as it happened in the first quarter of 2019, Apple places one of its devices first: the iPhone 11.

Three brands share the cake

We are talking about global figures, which place the smartphone of those of Cupertino bordering on 20 million units sold, specifically, 19.5. A considerable growth if we consider that in 2019 the iPhone XR only managed to reach the figure of 13.6 million mobile phones sold. In second place in 2020, we find a Samsung terminal, the Galaxy A51 with 6.8 million units reached.

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Apple iPhone 11 range.

In similar figures Xiaomi Redmi Note 8 is placed in third place, with 6.6 million and the Pro version, then with 6.1. For the fifth and sixth place, Apple returns with two consecutive terminals: the iPhone XR from last year that still manages to place 4.7 million units, and the iPhone 11 Pro Max with 4.2. For the seventh position, the Koreans return with the Galaxy A10s that touches the four million phones sold. Exactly 3.9.

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The eighth-place returns to the hands of Apple thanks to the iPhone 11 Pro, which reaches 3.8 million in the first quarter of 2020; and for the last two positions of this first quarter January-March, we have Samsung with two terminals: the Galaxy S20 5G and Galaxy A30s with 3.5 and 3.4 million units sold respectively.

It has to be said that, while Apple increases its presence in the Top 10 of 2020 from three to four (compared to 2019), Samsung drops from five to four and Xiaomi grows from one to two. Only Oppo does not repeat since last year it was present with its A5, which reached 5.4 million mobile phones sold. What do you think of this data?