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Do you know how to configure your own ‘Ctrl. + Z ‘to undo any action on iPhone?

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The digital world has accustomed us to the fact that practically any action we take can be undone to go back to the previous step and end up doing it well. A kind of backtracking that we use when writing a text, deleting a file or applying a filter to a photo that has been horribly wrong. A “Control + Z” that makes perfect sense on the PC keyboard but, how can we run it on a mobile with a touch screen? The iphone-backups-stored-in-icloud/">iPhone has for some years a fun way to undo the last thing we have done. Whether it’s deleting an email from your inbox or typing a word that doesn’t fit the message. The way to do it is as simple as shaking the phone to bring up a window that will ask us if we want to undo the last thing we have done. Do you know how to activate it? configure the “Ctrl. + Z” on the iPhone As always, we are facing a function that is saved within the accessibility area of ​​iOS and, therefore, we will have to go to that menu to activate it. As a general rule, if you come from many iPhones before the one you currently have, it is very possible that this function is already activated. Just in case you don’t remember, let’s go to where that function is to check it out. So we take the phone and go into the “Settings” of iOS. Now we go down the menu to the “Accessibility” option. There you will see a huge number of options that have to do with all the systems that the phone offers for those people who have some kind of physical problem to see or hear what happens on the smartphone screen. From all the available menus, click on the “Touch” one. Once inside, check that the “Shake to undo” option is activated, as it appears in the screenshots that you have just above. If you want to see that it is working correctly, without problems, try going to the email inbox and move a message to the trash, or any other folder. Shake the iPhone from left to right vigorously and if everything has gone well, you should see a confirmation window of that “Ctrl. + Z” touch. Of course, unfortunately, Apple has not yet developed a way to redo an action with some kind of similar jolt from the phone. >

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