Do you have to clean your Apple Watch? This is the best way to do it

 Do you have to clean your Apple Watch?  This is the best way to do it

With the passage of time, even if special care is taken, it is normal for the apple watch that you use gets dirty. If the time has come when you have to take action on the matter and you don’t know how to proceed, we show you some tips that will surely be useful to leave your smartwatch completely shiny.

Obviously, one must have watch out when you start cleaning the Apple Watch. It is true that the resistance offered by this wearable pincushion is very good, but if you do not proceed properly -or if you decide to use something that may affect its finish, an example is that certain liquids are potentially dangerous – you may run into a problem that the warranty of the smartwatch will not cover you. Therefore, it is best that you do not risk it.


Safely and effectively cleans an Apple Watch

There is no single way to clean these accessories, but the one that we are going to show you below can be sure that it is tremendously safe and, at the same time, effective. Consequently, it is an excellent option to use it to remove those spots that bother you so much when checking the content of the screen or the dirt that is present on the side button of the accessory. This is what you have to do:

  • To start, and taking advantage of the fact that the Apple Watch is waterproof, place the smartwatch under a tap and let it run slowly on the main element (without the straps). Once the device is wet, remove it and wipe a non-abrasive cloth – no wipes – over it.
  • Now, use a second dry cloth and consistently clean the entire surface of the smartwatch. You must apply some force on the smartwatch, but without going overboard. If the stain has not gone, we recommend that you repeat the operation, but now instead of wetting the device in the tap, do this with a cloth that is damp with soap (an option is the one used for showering). This does not affect the Apple Watch at all.
  • An additional option is the use of ear swabs that you will apply directly to the stain. But, in this case, soaked in glass cleaner (a small amount, of course).
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to leave the digital crown like new, in the event that it is dirty, what you should do is the following: turn and press this element and, without releasing, let warm water run that will remove any substance that is trapped. This should be more than enough for everything to be completely clean on your Apple Watch (and it doesn’t matter which generation it belongs to).