Do you have the AirPods 3? Update to the new firmware version…

carga magsafe airpods 3.jpeg
carga magsafe airpods 3.jpeg

We know that every time Apple releases new versions of operating systems they are usually on iOS, iPadOS, macOS and tvOS. This time it has released an update for a recent product like the AirPods 3. This is firmware update 4C170 and it is the third time that Apple has updated it. since last fall.

AirPods 3, a product that was very well accepted

So much time that passed from rumors now it is a product that is talked about very well. The AirPods 3 are the latest headphones to get an update. The version is 4C170, different from the previous version 4C165. We would like to provide more details about changes or developments but Apple did not publish the release notes. The user who updates will have to try or feel the new changes.

Generally, each update of this type comes to fix bugs and improve the performance of the headphones. The most significant update was when Apple integrated this product into the Search app.

If you have never updated your AirPods 3 or have not tried to update them, we give you the following steps to verify the update:

  • Open Settings on your iPhone
  • Click on the Bluetooth option
  • Tap the (i) of your AirPods in the device list
  • Look at the number that indicates the firmware version.

If you don’t have the 4C170 firmware it means you have to update. Simply connect iPhone with AirPods via Bluetooth. And that would be all. Have you already updated your AirPods 3? Tell us what you think of these types of updates in the comment box.

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