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Do you have an iPhone and do you like Harry Potter? Well, here is a list of spells that you can cast with your mobile

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The magic of Harry Potter has transcended the big screen and books to become a popular culture that has influenced millions of people around the world.

If you are one of those fans of the JK Rowling saga, you have surely wondered what it would be like to cast a spell like a real wizard. well luckily this is something you can do from your iPhone mobile in a fast and fun wayand all through Siri.

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Yes, Apple’s artificial intelligence has been programmed to recognize certain voice commands inspired by spells from the famous JK Rowling saga. So if you want to feel like a real wizard or witch from the magical world of Harry Potter, read on to find out what magic words to say.

These are the Harry Potter spells that you can perform from your iPhone

– Lumos and Nox: Do you need light in a dark room? just say Hey Siri Lumos and your iPhone’s flashlight will turn on, or say Hey Siri, Lumos Maxima to turn the flashlight on full. To turn it off, say Hey Siri, Nox. Very useful for finding lost items under the bed.

– Silent: If you’re in a meeting or at the movies and your iPhone starts ringing, say Hey Siri, Quiet so that the call is forwarded and the phone goes silent.

– Accio: Do ​​you remember in the saga when witches or wizards use the Accio enchantment? Well This summoning spell can be used to open any app on your iPhone mobile. To do this, just say out loud Hey Siri, Accio Instagram, for example, and that will be all for the application in question to open.

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– Alohomora: We now move on to a more special enchantment, and this is Alohomora’s. And it is that this turns out to be different because if you have smart locks at home, you can configure the option from My house and the lock will be opened that you wish will be opened with this incantation.

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