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Do you have a Xiaomi mobile? The best tricks to improve your battery

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One of the things that you least like when using a smartphone is that its autonomy becomes a burden. The reasons for not getting the most out of the battery can be very varied, but there are also some simple solutions that allow you to optimize everything to the maximum. We show you some for the terminals of Xiaomi which, surely, will be of great help to you.

The devices of the Asian company usually offer a good behavior in everything that has to do with autonomy, but sometimes you can have the feeling that its potential is not fully exploited (always leaving aside fast charging, which is fantastic in the most current Xiaomi models). The point is that there are possibilities that you can do without having to install nothing or improperly tampering with the operating system, and they can be the perfect lifesaver you need when you’re away from home.

Tips to improve the battery of Xiaomi mobiles

We leave you options that you can use all in combination and, also, individually. All of them allow you to save battery amps and, therefore, that extend the time of use without having to look for a plug. We are not talking about possibilities that multiply the autonomy of the smartphone by two, but they do represent a good help. They are the following:

Vibration, that great enemy of the battery

For many they can be useful, but the truth is that this type of warning signal consumes energy that can be saved, since the notifications are accompanied by sound (it is best to have one or the other option, with vibration being the one that consumes the most ). The fact is that to disable this function simply access the Sound and Vibration section in the Settings. There you will find everything you need.

Battery charge, there is a recommended minimum

It is not something mathematical, but the recommendation regarding the minimum load that you should not exceed in the terminal is quite clear: 25%. There are two fundamental reasons: the first is that the process to reach 100% is long, which usually means that the component heats up more than is desirable and this impacts its life time (especially with fast processes). The second is that the battery moves like a fish in water between the indicated data and 85%, so it is convenient to treat it well.

Rear camera of a Xiaomi smartphone

A great help in the operating system

Xiaomi, unlike other manufacturers, includes a tool called Optimize in the Battery section of the Phone Settings. This runs a review process where you can see what is impacting autonomy -among other things-. Once finished, the recommendations are indicated that, due to their good effectiveness, we recommend that you follow and execute. Therefore, don’t hesitate to take advantage of this help app that you can also configure to establish usage parameters that should not be affected.

Shine, abusing it is bad

One of the things that kills the battery charge at high speed is abusing the brightness of the screen. The automatic adjustment option works well, but sometimes it is not as efficient as it should be in the energy section. Unless you have specific needs to raise this parameter, the ideal is that you use the manual option -which is established in the Screen section of the Configuration- and that they do not exceed half of the capacity. This, for sure, will make the autonomy of your Xiaomi grow like foam.

Better manually check for updates

The gain is not brutal, but if this option is configured as automatic -which is how it is established by default-, Internet access is made constantly. This draws amps and is therefore something you can correct. In the system information, there is the option of manual search that it is possible to do once a week (for example) and not waste your battery charge.


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