Do you doubt if your AirPods are authentic? This is the best way to check

 Do you doubt if your AirPods are authentic?  This is the best way to check
do you doubt if your airpods are authentic? this is

If you are not sure of the authenticity of the AirPods that you or another member of your family use, and this is normal, since there are limitations that are an excellent invoice, surely you want to know an effective method to be able to verify this. Well then, we are going to show you.

Suspicions may be due to various indications that make doubt that the Apple headphones you have are original. Beyond sensations in use that do not correspond to a product from the Cupertino company, there are details and behaviors that are quite clarifying.

Things that doubt the authenticity of the helmets

To start, you have to review the quality, packaging and the construction of the headphones themselves. Authentic AirPods are designed with premium materials and offer a flawless finish. If when looking at the headphones you notice that the details are not precise or that the quality of the materials is inferior, it is a red flag.


Also, pay attention to the details at the bottom of the AirPods. The originals have engraved apple logo, while imitations often have generic engravings or even none at all. Also check that the touch sensors and vents have a consistent appearance and functionality.

The duration of the battery and sound quality are also important aspects to consider. Authentic AirPods offer excellent quality when used with all types of content and autonomy, to say the least, remarkable. If you notice significant differences in these aspects, it is likely that you are looking at an imitation.

Get rid of doubts: check the serial number of the AirPods

Like any device, each pair of AirPods is assigned a serial number. and there is a apple website where you can enter this number. While it won’t directly say whether they are authentic or not, it ends up being a clear demonstration of their authenticity in a way.


It should be said that there are three possible serial numbers for AirPods (except for the ‘Max’ model, which does not follow the same procedure): the one for the case and the other for the right and left earphones. Any will serve you for verification. And to locate those serial numbers you can Go to the AirPods settings on the iPhone or iPad -or check in the original box-.

With the serial number in your possession, you have to click here to access the aforementioned website, enter the number in the corresponding text field and fill in the security captcha to prove that you are not a robot. If the AirPods are fake you will get a red box saying “enter a valid serial number”. If they are authentic, you will see the model and the necessary indications to be able to see the date of purchase and other information related to your guarantee. It’s all that simple.


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