Do Windows updates bother you? Try these tricks to install them whenever you prefer

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do windows updates bother you try these tricks to install.png

Windows disable updates

One of the most common complaints from Windows users is having to deal with a huge number of updates every week, so the idea of ​​restarting your PC whenever it is required can be very frustrating, which is usually in the most occasions. Luckily, there is a way to uninstall these tedious patches and postpone them whenever you want.

Surely you have been in the situation of having to stay for a long time waiting for all the updates to finish installing that Windows launches regularly, or have you found it necessary to have to pause it to continue working without performance being a problem, of course, at the most inopportune moment. But you may also have been involved in a critical situation when you have updated and realized that your PC it doesn’t work as it should.

As you know, Windows usually updates all its versions to correct errors and security flaws both weekly and monthly, although it has priority send updates on the second Tuesday of each month. If you haven’t turned on your computer for a while, all those updates accumulate and the moment you turn it on they will be installed automatically. However, we explain how to avoid Windows updates so you don’t get caught unexpectedly.

Windows disable updates

How to avoid installing updates

This is one of the decisions that users make to prefer not to update when they are working on an important project or even playing video games, which can hinder the user experience and even lose all the progress you have been making for hours. It may also be due to compatibility issues with applications that fail to work correctly. Be that as it may, the way to deactivate updates is through Windows Update.

Turn off automatic updates

One of the first formulas is the following. On your Windows 11 PC, right-click the Start menu icon and select Settings. Then enter the Windows Update option and Clear the Get the latest updates as soon as they are available check box. This will completely stop the automatic system of downloading and installing updates, but we recommend that you manually search for them to install them when you consider.

Pause updates

Another solution you can consider is to pause updates in Windows Update. Once you are in this interface, you can go to the Pause updates option and choose how long you want them to be paused. You have the option to extend its duration up to a maximum of 5 weeks. This way, you will not be notified of a security patch again until you request it manually. But be careful, because after the time you have set, Windows will boot back up and start updating like crazy.

Windows disable updates

Set an installation reminder

If you find yourself very rushed in your work and you are at the risk of updates appearing again from one moment to the next, you can always resort to setting a reminder so that you know when they are going to appear again. To do this, you can use tools, such as Google Calendareither the alarm of your own mobile. For example, if in Windows Update you have postponed updates for 3 weeks, set an alarm a few days before so that it doesn’t catch you unexpectedly.

Despite this, keep in mind that installing Windows updates will promote the security and privacy of all your dataso it is convenient that you take a look at them and install them when you have a short break or free time by clicking on Resume updates.

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