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Do old Samsung phone batteries have a problem?

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A few years ago, batteries tended to expand as they age, causing the back cover to dislodge. With time and technological advances, manufacturers have learned to keep this problem under control. However, it now appears that Samsung may have a problem with the batteries in its older phones, which are swelling for no apparent reason. YouTuber Mrwhosetheboss explains in a video that several Samsung smartphones he has in storage have had swollen batteries. This includes the Galaxy S6 from 2015 and the Galaxy S10 from 2019. The batteries inside all older iPhones, Pixels, and Asus phones stored in the same conditions were fine despite their age. Matt Ansini, host of the This Is YouTube channel, contacted Arun and confirmed that the batteries in all of his Samsung phones released before the Galaxy S20 had swollen as well. None of the other brand phones, which were stored in the same place, experienced a similar problem. Since the video was posted, various analysts and YouTubers like Marques Brownlee have confirmed that the batteries in many of the older Samsung phones they own have swollen. The problem seems to only occur with devices that have not been used for a long time. It does not affect older devices that are used regularly. Samsung has not yet issued an official statement on the matter.

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