Do not throw away your old SIM card: it can hide personal data

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One of the most common processes when making a change of operator is to change the SIM card, since yours stops working. The problem is that you will most likely throw your old card away, but as Movilzona remembers, it is not exactly the best idea. The reason? Even if you don’t know it, your SIM card hides your personal data and any friend of others could access this information. So, if you change your SIM card, you better destroy the old one and avoid possible headaches in the future. As indicated by Movilzona, your SIM card stores a series of data. For example, we have the contacts that have been stored on your SIM card. But this is not enough, because even if you don’t imagine it, your bank account may be hidden. Be careful with your old SIM: save very important information The SIM is like a small memory that stores certain data. And one of the most important has to do with banks. Mainly, because, even if you don’t imagine it, your bank account number can come out. This is not always the case, since depending on the type of SIM card and the procedures carried out by your operator, it may or may not be, but better safe than sorry. Since the idea of ​​someone getting your SIM card out of the trash and being able to access this data is not exactly trivial. In addition, and as if that were not enough, as you remember, Movilzona can not only access your contacts and bank account. The operator you had contracted, the IMEI code of your phone and the country from which you operate may also appear. More data so that hackers can consider attacking you. A crime known as SIM-Swapping or SIM-Hacking and which is increasingly common. The solution? As simple as destroying your SIM card when you no longer need it. Personally, we are going to recommend that, whenever you have to throw away a SIM card, you cut it in half with scissors and throw each piece at different points. It will take a few seconds and you will avoid more than one headache, so it is better to be proactive in this type of situation. Although luckily there are more and more operators that have embraced the eSIM or virtual SIM, so very soon this problem will disappear forever. Although cybercriminals will surely find a way to continue trying to deceive us… >

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