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Do not miss anything of the World Cup in Qatar 2022: add the matches to your calendar

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It won’t be long before the 2022 World Cup in Qatar begins. The dates are not the usual ones, so it may seem strange, but the fact is that our team participates and, therefore, lovers of the beautiful game will surely not want miss absolutely nothing that happens in this high-impact event. The number of games is very large, so it is normal that you do not know when each team plays. The most comfortable way to control this is to include them all in the calendar that you usually use on your phone or tablet. And this is exactly what you can achieve thanks to the work of Sebastian Quadrelli, a sports journalist who has created a file that can be downloaded for free to use in free services offered by companies such as Apple, Google and even Google. Microsoft. We are going to explain how to get it. Add the dates of the World Cup matches in Qatar Basically, what is achieved with the process that we are going to indicate is to add to the calendar in a very simple way the days and times of each and every one of the matches that will be played in the World Cup is about to start. In this way, simply by opening the application you will be able to know what is happening on the day in question and you will not have to be checking web pages… which usually takes more time. These are the steps you must take: The first thing you have to do is download the file created by Quadrelli in which the information that is added to the calendar is located (it must be said that the work done is excellent). To do this, you must use the following link and obtain the ICS file that you are going to have to use. Automatically, the calendar application that you use regularly will open on the mobile device that you use (if you have several, it will allow you to choose the one that you use). you want the 2022 Qatar World Cup matches to appear). A question will appear on the screen to confirm that you want to add the information. You must answer in the affirmative, of course. Once this is done, and in a matter of a few seconds, you will verify that you can see the data in question. These range from the day, the time and you will even see the flag of each team on the day it plays and the classification group in which it is framed. The work, as we said, is excellent. If you wish, you can set a specific color so that it stands out when searching for data. You’re done, and you have everything perfectly visible and, best of all, accessible. Once the World Cup in Qatar 2022 is over, you can remove the added information so it doesn’t bother you in the future. Enter the configuration and you can clearly see the space that you have to mark (the name leaves no room for doubt) and then you can hide the data or remove it. Simple and practical. >

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