Do not buy these products that claim to be Xiaomi: they are quite poor quality copies

When a brand like Xiaomi achieve some success, it is only a matter of time before all kinds of counterfeits of their products start appearing. However, on other occasions not only copies appear, but even products that use the brand when it does not even sell them.

Let’s review some of the examples of blatant and poor quality copies of some Xiaomi products, including some embarrassing impersonations. Don’t bite!

Fake SSD drives and Xiaomi SD cards

On Aliexpress we can find a solid disk Portable SSD with a capacity of up to 16 terabytes at a price of 28 euros and which is supposedly USB Type-C 3.1 and can handle read speeds of up to 520 MB/s.

Xiaomi fake SSD

The Xiaomi logo appears in all the promotional images of the article, although they have not dared to add it to the product design, probably to avoid possible legal problems. In addition to this deception, it seems that it really uses the USB 2.0 protocol on the connection side, because searching through the description we will see that it says to have “read speed 30 MB/s and write speed 37 MB/s”. We do not know if, among so many lies and deception, at least the 16 TB of capacity will be real, but we are not going to spend 28 euros to check it.

Nor are other storage formats free from counterfeiting, such as SD type memory cards. In this case, the sellers not only use the Xiaomi brand to promote the product, but even dare to add the logo to the design of it.

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Fake Xiaomi SD cards

Again, they supposedly have all the best possible conditions for these small cards, promising Class 10, but don’t expect high read/write speeds and the promised capacity rarely matches reality.

Fake copies of the Xiaomi Band 4 and TWS earphones

Of course, copies of some real products that have done very well in sales could not be missing. For example, the My Band 4, launched in 2019, was a success as a smart bracelet. Obviously, it has ended up being copied in a model that for about 9 euros of price claims that it can track your heart rate, control your blood pressure, count steps, establish sleep statistics, show notifications from your smartphone and even be waterproof. .

M4 fake bracelet

The original model is already quite cheap, but for 9 euros it is difficult for the smart bracelet M4this copy, will be able to do the same.

There is also a pretty bad copy of a Xiaomi True Wireless Stereo Bluetooth headset. In this case, they cost about 10 euros and, despite their tight price, they claim to be compatible with the Bluetooth 5.0 wireless technology.

The trick is in the brand name of the manufacturer of said Bluetooth chip, called “Jerry”. This mark is already common among Apple AirPods Pro clones, so we can expect the same crappy result and unclear audio that there is no way to improve, not even with an equalizer setting. In addition, their autonomy is a disaster, since the battery they integrate is of poor quality.