Do I have worse internet having indirect fiber?

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do i have worse internet having indirect fiber.jpg

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You may have requested that fiber be installed at home and the operator may have offered you indirect fiber. Therefore, you may think that indirect fiber is a worse service or that you will not have as much speed as with a direct fiber installation.

You must know the difference between one and the other before contracting the service with your company. Perhaps in your area, it is not possible to install direct fiber and the only option that the operator can offer you is a Neba or indirect fiber. In this case, it doesn’t hurt to know what it consists of and how an indirect fiber installation will affect you.

How is the installation

First of all, you should know that like direct fiber, indirect fiber is still fiber optics and therefore, the cable will remain the same. The only thing that changes regarding the installation is the CTO of the company they are going to connect you to. Imagine that you are going to contract fiber optics with Orange, but in your area there are no connection boxes from the company. To solve this problem, Orange can offer you indirect fiber through a Movistar connection box. The service is provided by Orange, the equipment is from Orange, but the connection box belongs to Movistar. That is why it is called indirect fiber, because it is carried out from the CTO of another company.

As for the installation, everything will be normal, as if it were a normal fiber installation. A connection in the CTO, an optical rosette where the cable arrives and a hose connected to the equipment that will give you access to the Internet.

indirect fiber

On the other hand, there are the teams. The only change you will see in your indirect fiber installation is in the equipment. In this case, the technician will install an ONT and a router. The fiber cable will be connected to the ONT, which will be responsible for transforming the light impulses from the fiber optic into electrical impulses that the router is capable of processing so that you have access to the Internet. You will only have to worry about having enough plugs for both devices.


As we have already said, the only difference you will notice is that you will have two teams working instead of one as usual, but The service will be the same and you will enjoy the same speed than if you had direct fiber.

On the other hand, it is advisable to compare prices with other companies, since other operators may offer you the same service for a lower price, or there may even be an operator that has CTOs in your area and can offer you direct fiber for a lower price.

You can call the different companies to request information or you can ask your neighbors what type of fiber they have in their homes to find out if you have the option of direct fiber or indirect fiber.

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