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Disney+ experimented with its first live stream

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Yesterday, the Oscars did not make news only because of the nominations announced by the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences.

Taking advantage of the instance, disney + made its first foray with live broadcasts. In an experiment of limited scope, the platform live-streamed the nominations for the upcoming Academy Awards.

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The first Disney+ live stream

A broadcast of the nominations for the 94th edition of the Academy Awards from the official signal of the Oscars marked a milestone for Disney +, as it was the first live broadcast integrated into the platform. The experiment was limited to the United States and was reportedly successful.

The event was simultaneously broadcast live on Hulu, also owned by Disney, in addition to other media platforms and the official digital channels of the Oscars. Thanks to the fact that it was not an exclusive broadcast for Disney +, this particular instance was not saturated with requests.

According to TechCrunch, through a spokesperson, the company refused to indicate what its specific plans are to address live broadcasts on Disney + in the future, but it did acknowledge that this experiment served to evaluate how live content could be seen within its platform, celebrating the good results and with plans to continue testing this type of experience in the future.

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“We ran a test of the live streaming capabilities on Disney+ in the United States with this morning’s Academy Awards nominations. We are pleased with the results and will continue to test as part of our ongoing and iterative approach to deliver the best user experiences for consumers.”a Disney spokesperson told TC.

Along with investigating what live content might look like for Disney+, the company also told The Verge that “our world-renowned content is a natural extension” from years of experience in the live content space.

Although the combination of live broadcasts with on-demand content is something that has already been seen on other platforms, it is interesting to see how they could react to this proposal from the direct competition of Disney +, such as Netflix and Prime Video, for example.

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