‘Disgusting’ racist slurs graffitied along beautiful Dublin beach

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Locals were left horrified after racist slurs have been graffitied along a stunning Dublin beach.

Claremont Beach in Howth has been ruined just days before the seaside village’s Tidy Towns application is due to be submitted.

Words like “IRA”, “f*ck” and “n***ers”, were written along the beach with a swastika also visibly drawn.

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Phrases like “yup Coolock” and “yup Shels” were also clearly noticeable.

Howth Tidy Towns were disgraced to find the area covered with spray paint.

Spokeswoman, Virginia Linehan told Dublin Live: “We were devastated to witness the defacing of our beautiful Claremont Beach promenade.

“In particular, the nature of the vandalism was very distressing for us and for the Howth Community Sadly, ‘graffiti busting’ has become part of our routine tidy town duties. We are not alone as graffiti affects every city, town and village across the country. We are at a point where we are normalizing graffiti vandalism.

“We would like to see a national and local graffiti prevention strategy put in place. We thank would like to Fingal County Council, Aodhan O’Riordain and our local councillors Joan Hopkins, Brian McDonagh and David Healy for their quick response and ongoing support.

“It is acknowledged this area requires investment and upgrading and we look forward to working with the council in this regard. Howth is at its best when visitors and residents are enjoying the best Howth has to offer including restaurants, walks, beaches and its harbour.

“As a society, we need to foster a leave no trace ethos. Virginia Linehan on behalf of Howth Tidy Towns.”

The group also tweeted: “Our beautiful Claremont Beach. We will need your help with this one @Fingalcoco This is not just graffiti. We are devastated

“It’s worse than we initially thought Fingal County Council – we have 10 more sleeps before our @TidyTownsIre application.

“This is a sandblaster job without doubt. All the nice stone is ruined.

“The narrative and symbolism hurts us the most. Thank you so much for your support.”

Claremont Beach is a small cove-like beach situated close to the harbour in Howth.

The Howth graffiti
(Image: Howth Tidy Towns)

Racist slurs graffitied along Claremont Beach
(Image: Howth Tidy Towns)

It is a popular beach all year round with several pubs and restaurants located along the Harbour Road and in the village of Howth.

Claremont Beach is located close to Howth Harbour and locals were horrified to see the damage done to the area.

One tweeted: “Awful, very sorry to see this”.

Another added: “Disgusting to see! Why anyone would a tone feel the need do this.”

A third said: “Mindless cretins”.

A final added: “Vandalism pure and simple”.

Others described it as “horrible”, “disgraceful” and “dreadful”.

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