Discovered the great revolution that will bring WiFi to every corner of your home


Home WiFi coverage

Bring the WiFi connection to every corner of the house It is something that has always been sought. For this reason, there are several methods that have been used to achieve that a whole household can enjoy the Internet without affecting power. However, thanks to this latest discovery, it will no longer be necessary to use Wi-Fi Mesh systems or boosters to achieve a wide range of wireless network coverage.

Although it is yet to come true, a new study has succeeded in finding out how the ease of Wi-Fi connections so that your signal reaches the whole house without the typical interference problems due to the walls, for example.

New method to have WiFi throughout the home

A group of researchers from the Technological University of Vienna and the University of Rennes in France, have managed to find out what could be an important change with which it will be possible to get the WiFi connection to reach all corners of a house without us having to to use different “tricks” to amplify wireless signal.

And it is that, in this study, it has been possible to demonstrate how the wireless signal can bequeath to any point of the house, without losing power along the way, by managing to use a new method with which it will be possible to avoid reflection WiFi waves with the aim that the walls, for example, do not continue to be an obstacle to carry the signal to any corner of a home or building.

Wi-Fi Home

In the moment of use a Wi-Fi connection, Along the way, there are several obstacles that you have to face, not only the walls, but also other wireless networks, pipes, electronic devices, etc. All of these can interfere with your signal, making it less powerful or not at all.

An anti-reflective layer

First of all, it must be taken into account that WiFi waves can be absorbed by the elements that we have mentioned or, also, they can be reflected. Well, with this new anti-reflective coating It will greatly reduce the reflection of the wireless signal. More than anything, because with the materials that this special layer has, it is possible for the wireless connection to be able to pass through walls more easily.

To demonstrate this, the researchers conducted an experiment in which they sent microwaves through an obstacle maze. Then they had to calculate the anti-reflective coating to use to place it in different areas. In this way, they were able to almost completely eliminate the problem by mirroring of WiFi signals that is currently taking place.

Most important of all, this same group of researchers confirms that these same special coatings can be developed for each case. Therefore, in this way, what will be achieved is that the WiFi signal don’t lose power on the waysince they will not have the problem of the reflection of the wireless connections in the elements that can be in any home.

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