Discover this new game based on Wordle, but guessing chess moves instead of words

Since its appearance, Wordle has become an entertainment option for millions of people around the world.

This has meant that variants based on the mechanics of this game have emerged over time that are just as interesting.

The last one is named chessguessrwhich focuses its dynamics around chess. Those people who participate in this game will have as a mission guess the next move depending on the pieces presented on the board.

It is worth mentioning that the position in which the pieces are found replicates that of those that happened in real games among recognized players of this discipline. Therefore, all the plays have a meaning and an objective.

As in Wordle, Chessguessr has a color code that will react to the move made by the player in the following way:

  • Green:The movement has been carried out correctly
  • Yellow:The move has been made correctly, but in the wrong order.
  • Red:The piece used has been correct but the execution of the movement has been wrong.
  • Gray:Both the piece and the executed movement have been wrong.

Through these chromatic alerts it is possible to know if, for example, when moving a rook the initiative has been correct, but the way in which it moved around the board was not correct or if moving the queen was an ineffective move, etc.

Thus, with Chessguessr every day you will face a new challenge where, in addition, you will have the possibility of consult global statistics.

But if any of these challenges are indecipherable for you, you can consult its solution in Liches, as well as copy the link of the result to share it on social networks.

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Source: microservants