Discover the top 5 best alternatives to Google Photos

discover the top 5 best alternatives to google photos
discover the top 5 best alternatives to google photos

Several services offer to store your photos online. The most popular of these is certainly Google Photos. However, there are several alternatives that may potentially better meet your needs.

While they equip themselves with sensors photo and ever more powerful algorithmic  processing, smartphones are gradually replacing compact cameras . So far, Google Photos was widely acclaimed by offering to store photos for free and unlimitedly. However, the Californian firm changed its policy in 2021. No more free, the company is promoting its Google One subscription and today offers free storage space of 15 GB shared between photos, emails and documents.

Amazon Photos, the best alternative

The photo storage service offered by Amazon is not free. However, it is included in the offer Amazon Prime. As a reminder, this subscription offers priority deliveries on the e-tailer’s platform, access to Prime Video as well as Amazon Prime Music (a lighter version of Amazon Music ) and Prime Reading (a lighter version of Kindle Unlimited).

Amazon Photos offers free 5 GB of storage for photos and videos with apps available for iOS, Android, Windows and macOS. These will automatically synchronize your media. Of course, a web app is also available. Amazon Prime subscribers benefit from unlimited storage for photos and 5GB for videos.

In addition to the possibility of creating traditional albums, Amazon equips its service with algorithms capable of identifying objects or performing facial recognition to sort photos by subject. Note also the automatic extraction of  information to identify geographic locations.

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