Discover the Museum of the Future: The first virtual diversity experience created by DR Digital Agency

DR Digital Agency decided to launch an interesting technological proposal related to the virtual aspect in an effort to remind all companies of the importance of having virtual ethical environments. To achieve this goal, the agency is developing this huge project with interesting virtual experiences that promote diversity, as well as inclusion.

During this week, the DR Digital Agency launched the first museum for the metaverse called the DRDA Art Metamuseo with a focus on diversity. This virtual premiere is a really important part for the technological context due to the position of companies, brands and other agencies that have in it. The co-founder and director of DR Digital Agency highlighted the relevant figure of professionals and brands in today’s technological world. As well as the importance that they promote diversity and take command of values ​​in a virtual environment during user access.

In the same way, DR also highlights how the metaverse provides important opportunities for professionals to further transform virtual experiences. Although returning to the point of promoting ethical values ​​in the virtual environment. The responsibility for this project is in charge of DR Digital Agency taking the role from the strategy, design and other important aspects such as the content itself of the DRDA Art museum.

Now that the project is ready, it remains for the other part of the responsibility to be in the community and professionals to go to the site in the metaverse. The agency mentions that this experience is something that has not been seen before in the real world. So the agency extends the invitation to the museum.

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DRDA Metamuseum of DR Digital Agency opens its virtual doors

The grand opening of the DRDA Art Metamuseo had its grand opening party for free on March 22. The great initial celebration had live music by Kako Martinez, who is a DJ and music producer from Barcelona. Attendees had the opportunity to tour the virtual space through the experience and see the wonderful works of Toni Rubio.

In addition, other styles and works by other international artists will be involved, including: Hardi Budi, Martina Warenfeldt, Patricia Cancelo, Birgit Palma, Carles Marsal, Victor Murillo, Giulia Caruso, Jvdas Berra and Mario Nevado.

Now, in case you want to enter the metaverse museum, you only need your computer and go to this link. Obviously you can also access through your own virtual reality glasses in the space app or in the search engine type “DRDA Art Metamuseum”. In case you are interested, you can search @DRDAArt on Instagram to know what other things and tips you can do if you are a virtual museum attendee, whether you are new or not.

The importance of responsibility in the virtual world

This virtual world has been starting for quite some time and has become an increasingly close and real space for many users. A report from Value Creation in the Metaverse” a year ago, points out that this will be a tool that will constantly grow with a huge social and cultural impact. This process will take 5 to 10 years, fully expanding at high speed and being impossible to look away from.

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This will be a possible future tool for other people running design teams in the metaverse. In addition to providing its customers with new and high-value experiences. Therefore, it is also necessary to give it a degree of responsibility and social commitment. Virtual environments need to have an ethical, creative and responsible space. DR Digital Agency ends this project by asking all readers to join this great creative experience.