Discover the Macs that Apple will present at the epic WWDC 2023

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comparando el macbook pro.jpg

This year Apple could come up with impressive launches and rewarding announcements for the community and all during WWDC 2023 the following June 5 in the opening keynote such as the rumors about new Macs. Among the other almost assured announcements are iOS 17 and watchOS 10, as well as the potential next big flagship device like the Apple Reality Pro mixed reality headset. Adding to this potential ad campaign are the new Macs for this new annual event, according to Bloomberg journalist Mark Gurman. or “several new Macs” is planned.

The many novelties at WWDC 2023

There are only a few days left, that you can practically count the hours until the start of the event in 2023. For this, Gurman mentioned via Twitter that for the next keynote on June 5 it could start with the new Macs and then focus on the mixed reality headset, in addition to adding the news of Apple operating systems.

It should also come as no surprise to the community that the now-named Apple Reality Pro is taking the full spotlight of the entire event. This Apple project has been developing for a long time to reach this point of expectations as the possible new flagship device after launching the 2014 Apple Watch at the time. This is reflected in the company’s guests who are familiar with it for the first time in depth of the VR field.

It is also clear that the Reality Pro will take more prominence because everything seems to indicate that the updates will not come with too many changes. It got to the point that macOS 14, tvOS 17 and iPadOS 17 don’t include too many changes. The only update could be watchOS 10 with a new interface, as well as iOS 17 with customization news for the lock screen and renewed Control Center.

The new Macs still cause a lot of unknowns for their arrival. Rumors have been pointing to the arrival of the 15-inch MacBook Air for some time now. The 9to5Mac medium It has contacts that indicate the same, in addition to a 13-inch version with an M3 chip. The new 13-inch MacBook Pro that adds the M3 processor, updating Macs from June of a year ago.

Possible announcement of new Macs

Despite the fact that the Bloomberg journalist confirmed the announcement of a Mac with an M3 processor for launch until the end of the year, the 15-inch MacBook Air will still have a little more standby time and will still have an M2 chip just like the 13-inch version. inches.

The “new Macs” are still a bit unknown, as Apple renewed the Mac mini and the Pro versions of the MacBook itself with the M2 chip and derivative versions. So it would be very unlikely that these versions already have an update ready. This is in line with information from Gurman and 9to5Mac who noted the company’s plans to ditch the M2 processor for the all-in-one iMac.

Now, also the Apple Silicon Mac Pro and a possible new version of the Mac Studio that will still have the M1 Max and M1 Ultra chips inside. The Cupertino company has already released a note for all stores informing that the exchange program will accept the Mac Studio for the following week, that is, once WWDC begins.

In said internal note it is also communicated that the MacBook Air with M2 processor and 13-inch MacBook Pro with M2 chip will also be in the trade-in program. There are still many questions to discuss, but with few answers that could satisfy you in case you need a new computer, so the recommendation is to wait a few days only.