Discover 14 Hidden Google Tools Within the Search Engine

Google’s ultra-simple search bar contains completely unknown and very useful services, such as a coin to flip a coin, mathematical function curves or even an Internet speed test. Simply enter the right keyword to access one of these Google tools.

When we go to Google, most of the time it is to type a keyword and access corresponding Internet pages or images. But the search engine has hidden features built right into the search bar. Among these practical and fun Google tools , you have access to a selector of color HTML, a generator random numbers , tracking your flight schedules and even small games to have fun without leaving your screen…

Unit converter

Who has never struggled with conversions between nautical miles and kilometers, English feet and meters or degrees Celsius and degrees Fahrenheit ? No need to go through an online converter: just type “Convert unit” in the search bar and you go directly to a converter (areas, length, speed, angles, temperature, or even fuel consumption ).

Random number generator

No idea how to fill out your Loto grid? A difficult choice between several options? Use Google to generate a random number . Type “number generator” into the search bar and enter a minimum and maximum (for example a number between 1 and 10). More fun, Google also offers the same option in the form of roulette. Type “ spinner ” in the bar then go to the “ Number ” tab. You can then choose the size of the roulette wheel (for example 10 numbers) and off you go! Even simpler, type “heads or tails” and you get a token to launch.

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Mathematical functions

Google allows you to perform simple calculations directly via the search bar (type for example 96*163 to access the result). But the search engine is much more capable than that and allows you to perform advanced mathematical operations and even functions in the form of curves. Try for example “log x + sin 3 x + cos 5 x ” and the curve corresponding to the function is displayed. By moving the mouse over the curve, the value of x and y is displayed for a given point.

Convert numbers to letters

This very useful function when you have to spell large numbers is unfortunately only available in English. To do this, type the number in number followed by “=english” (for example “589135200150=english” and you will have your number displayed in full and in English. Another limitation of the tool: it no longer works beyond 1,000 billion.

Color picker

Type a color code directly from the search bar (for example #378754 or rgb(55, 135, 84) and Google will display the corresponding color in a color picker. You then have access to all the corresponding codes (HTML, RGB, CMYK…) and codes of any color by dragging the cursor to select the desired shade.

Air traffic monitoring

Check the arrival time of a plane in real time on Google by typing the flight number directly into the search bar (for example “AF 1358” or “ezy8350”). You then have access to the corresponding flights over 4 days (current day, previous day and next two days) in local times, as well as the scheduled terminal and any delays.

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Internet Speed Test

Test your Internet speed in 30 seconds with the Google tool: type “Internet Speed ​​Test” in the search bar then click “Start Speed ​​Test”. You then get the Speeda mount ( download speed ), download speed (transfer speed) and download time latency(how quickly you get a response from the server). Carried out in collaboration with Measurement Lab (M-Lab), the test can measure speeds of up to 700 Mbit/s.

The bubble level, a very useful Google tool

A metronome

Musicians will be happy to know that they benefit from a free metronome directly from the Google address bar. All you have to do is type “metronome” and set the desired rhythm (for example 100 beats per minute), then click on the arrow to start or pause.

The calories of a food

No need to go through a specialized site to find out the nutritional value of a food. Directly type “calories banana” or “calories couscous» to see the value displayed. Google does not just give the calories, but relies on the database of the USDA (Department of Agriculture of the United States) to provide maintenance carbohydrates, lipids And proteins for each food. Type for example “ Egg yolk lipids ” or “sauce carbohydrates tomato» to get the result. This unfortunately does not suit everything (no mousse chocolate for example!).

Search images by color

Know local time

Do you need to call internationally or are you planning a distant trip? To find the local time, type time + the name of the city or country in the Google address bar (for example “time in Los Angeles”) to get the time there. It is also possible to find precise times by typing for example “4 p.m. in Japan”. In this case, you get the time corresponding to your location.

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Search Images with colors

Many options are available through Google’s image search engine . You can select images by size, format, date or usage rights. Less known, the color search allows you to only select photos according to the color cast. For example, type “Moon» then choose the color red or “Steve Jobs» and the black and white option.

Relaxation exercise

Big bout of stress ? Take a minute to relax by typing “breathing exercise” into the Google search bar. A blue screen is displayed with a white circle indicating the inspiration and expiration phases. Super basic but effective for finding calm without leaving your screen.

Little vintage games

Google has hidden little games. Type for example “Pacman”, “Solitaire”, “Minesweeper” or “Snake” to play directly via the search screen. Six small games are thus available via Google Search. The design is basic but rather successful and pleasant to play. Other games can be accessed through Google doodle . Try for example Spooky cat on the Halloween page , where you have to kill ghosts by drawing the right symbols.