Discord will allow content creators to launch their own ‘Patreon’. How will it work?

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Discord has become one of the most used applications to communicate with our friends. But the truth is that they have not managed to monetize their service very well. It is true that it has Nitro, a paid subscription with a series of advantages, but they are not earning what they expected. And now Discord is looking for new ways to monetize its business model. For this reason, as they have just announced on their official blog, Discord will launch a series of tools so that paid subscriptions can be created to access servers. A model in the purest Patreon style that allows you to help content creators with a donation in exchange for accessing exclusive content based on money. Patreon-style Discord: this is how its new monetization system works The idea is not bad at all, especially for content creators who will now have the new Media Channels tool, channels created exclusively for your subscribers. Once they pay the fee, they will be able to access the exclusive content that you publish. On the other hand, we have Tier Templates, which you can use to create different basic quotas, as you will see later: Supporter ($3.99): perfect to start taking your first steps. The idea is to offer a very low rate to attract new followers. You can offer exclusive emotes and channels for subscribers.Supporter+ ($4.99): If you already have some experience Supporter+ is an upgraded version of Supporter.Super Supporter ($9.99): A higher tier for all types of creators that offers a combination of built-in Discord features and personalized perks and benefits.Early Access Pass ($7.99): For content creators interested in offering early access, exclusive content, or behind-the-scenes footage to their fans who want more content. In this way, you can choose the Tier or role that best suits you and that your subscribers pay the fee, they will be able to access these advantages. Of course, at the moment it will be available in beta and in a limited way. In the press release they do not specify it, but everything indicates that this new Discord monetization system will first reach users in the United States (hence the prices are in dollars), but we do not know when they will launch globally. With this type of release, they usually do it first in certain regions, so we can expect that in the coming months they will expand the list of countries where Discord can be monetized with these new tools. >

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