Discord suffers a security breach. Will it affect user accounts?

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Bad news for Discord users, as the most popular instant messaging platform among the gaming community, with an active user base of over 150 million, has suffered a major security breach. In case you don’t know this platform, say that Discord is a communication platform designed to connect people through text, voice and video. It was originally popularized within the gaming community, but its utility and versatility have made it a valuable tool for a wide range of communities and groups. Although if you use Discord, we have bad news. Apparently, the account of a support agent was compromised, being able to access the confidential information of this agent by having his credentials. Security leak in Discord: what data has been leaked We are talking about a rather serious case, since it seems that it has affected the ticket queue of the support agent, so that the attackers have been able to access the email addresses of users, messages exchanged with Discord support, and attachments sent as part of support tickets. So it’s not exactly a trivial topic. Apparently, Discord was quick to notice this issue and disabled the compromised agent’s account, as well as activating a protocol that included checking the system for malware. In addition, Discord has begun contacting affected users and acknowledges that their email addresses, customer service messages, and attachments may have been exposed to unauthorized third parties. On the other hand, Discord has implemented new security measures to prevent similar incidents from occurring in the future and reinforce the protection of user data. In addition, it has issued a statement saying that the risk to users is minimal, but those who have been affected should be aware of any suspicious activity, such as fraudulent access attempts or phishing attacks or other scam attempts. Whether you have been affected and Discord has sent you an email, or luckily you have not suffered this security breach, we recommend you change your access credentials to this platform and control your email to avoid unnecessary harm. So, if you use this platform to talk to your friends, you better change your credentials as soon as possible to save yourself a headache. >

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