Discord launches a new payment plan and integration with YouTube

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The instant messaging platform Discord, which together with the free modality (Nitro Classic) already has a subscription plan called Nitro, has added a new subscription modality under the name Nitro Basic for a price of 2.99 dollars (The official price in Spain has not yet been announced).

Nitro Basic ($2.99/month) is a subscription modality that extends the features of Nitro Classic (free) but is below Nitro (€9.99/month)

the free version NitroClassic includes the ability for users to use avatars, animated GIFs, or emojis. With the Nitro modality (with prices in Spain of 9.99 euros per month or 99.99 euros per year) it adds improvements in video quality, sos server boost, greater capacity in terms of characters per message or the ability to share files up to 1,000 Mb in size.

For its part, this new basic subscription modality, NitroBasicwhich will be available from October 2nd, will include personalized and animated emojis and stickers, new backgrounds and more capacity in terms of file size limits, as well as personalizing the profile with a Nitro badge.

By far the biggest change is that starting October 20, when Nitro Basic becomes available, the possibility of accessing the Nitro Classic mode for new users will disappearbeing able to keep their account who already has an active one.

In addition, Discord has introduced new features, including Activities, including YouTube integration with the platform itself so that the videos can be seen without leaving the Discord app (or the website). Specifically, it allows two Discord users to watch the same video in sync, each from their own device.

Remember that more than a year ago Discord removed two popular chatbots that precisely allowed sharing and viewing YouTube content from the platform itself and has been working almost since then on this function now presented, called YouTube Watch Together.

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