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Discord has a new option for creators to earn money

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Discord is releasing a new feature that will make it easier for users to earn money on the platform.

After several months of testing, Discord is opening up its subscription program so that creators can earn money from their servers.

New Discord option to earn money with subscriptions

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Many creators who bet on Discord to share their content and create a community have used different methods to monetize their work. For example, by encouraging your followers to support your work through Patreon, since Discord does not have monetization options.

A dynamic that is changing little by little, since Discord is expanding the “Server Subscriptions” program so that users can earn money with their servers, and without having to resort to third-party tools.

Through this program, creators can create different subscription plans for users to support their work or content. For example, they can reward their followers with exclusive content if they subscribe to a certain plan, offer them roles or some kind of advantages within the servers.

A dynamic similar to what we have already seen on other platforms, which allow offering different options for users to support the creator in changing certain privileges. And an interesting detail is that Discord gives creators complete freedom to customize the way these options are presented:

creators and community leaders will be able to decide how to use them: from prices to offers, server owners can configure their Server Subscriptions however they want and take 90% of the money they earn after deductions

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And as a bonus, Discord also allows them to create a promotional page so they can publicize their subscription plans to users who are not part of their community or who do not have an account on the platform.

At the moment, this program is being implemented for users in the United States, we will have to see if it takes this initiative to other countries.

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