Disable this on your Amazon Echo before Christmas

Christmas Gift

The Amazon Echo Show is one of the best speakers in the Amazon range but it also has some drawbacks: it can ruin many surprises for you. The screen of the Amazon Echo Show shows us everything related to our account so we will see the tasks of each day, what we have pending, the shopping list… And also the orders that are yet to arrive. So if there are children at home, it is best that you deactivate this function that will make them know that something is pending and that they can see what it is.

When buying things online, Amazon is usually one of the online stores that we always use to find any product we want. It’s fast, it’s convenient and we don’t have to go shopping on dates when we have a lot to do. But the Amazon Echo Show can be very sneaky so there are functions that you should check if you don’t want them to ruin your surprise or spoil the parties for the little ones.

How to turn off notifications

If we have bought something on Amazon, our Amazon Echo may tell us that there is an order in delivery or even show on the screen (you will always see a yellow line if something is pending to arrive) what is in delivery and when it will arrive. If there are children at home, It’s going to spoil the surprise and it’s going to spoil Christmas for us.. But luckily it is an option that we can deactivate from the Alexa application settings in a few seconds.

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If you have an Amazon Echo Show or several similar devices at home, we can configure it from the Alexa application that we have on our mobile phone and turn off sneak notifications. The first thing we have to have is the app installed and our account logged in.

Open the Alexa app and go to “further” at the bottom right of the screen. Here a series of options and tools will open and we can go to the section “setting” from Alexa where we can change everything we need about the account and the service. In the settings we will see: My profile and my family, account settings, device settings, accessibility… Scroll until you find the “Notifications

echo show

When we have reached this point, the second section is the one that interests us: Shopping with Amazon. Tap on it and you will see that there are different options that we can activate or deactivate in the linked accounts and in the devices that we have associated.

  • In information about orders and deliveries
  • For products in return updates
  • Include products that could be gifts
  • Receive notifications when a package is in delivery
  • Receive notifications when a package is delivered
  • Receive notifications from Alexa with returns updates
  • Updates on your Amazon orders
  • Receive personalized offer recommendations

Each of these sections has a switch. We advise you to deactivate all to not receive any type of recommendation related to your purchases or receive notifications about delivery orders, delivered orders, etc. This way you will be able to keep the secret until the Three Wise Men arrive.

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