Dimension 9300? MediaTek confirms that its next chip will have Cortex-X4 cores and Immortalis GPU


MediaTek has just confirmed that its next high-end chip, probably the Dimensity 9300, will have the very powerful Cortex-X4 and Immortalis-G720 GPU cores announced today by ARM. This is an indication that the Dimensity 9300 can be a great opponent for the Snapdragon 8 Gen 3, which should also be announced in late 2023.

The confirmation was made by the manufacturer through a video published on its official Weibo account. It mentions that the chip will have the Cortex-X4 and Cortex-A720 cores announced today, but the high-efficiency Cortex-A520 cores were not mentioned.

In this way, Dimensity 9300 is expected to have 15% more performance on the Cortex-X4 core compared to X3 and 20% more efficiency with Cortex-A720.


Check out the video on Weibo via the link below:

  • MediaTek on Weibo – login

MediaTek video capture. Image: reproduction

The new Immortalis-G720 GPU can have up to 10 cores with improved ray tracing support and bandwidth reduction of up to 41% in certain applications offering 15% higher performance.

In the video, MediaTek claims that its next chip will have an “innovative architecture with many new features” to meet the demands of multitasking, mobile games and applications that require a lot of multiple cores. This should result in a new fluid experience, “smoother and faster” when using a smartphone.

On the other hand, reports from industry insiders say that Qualcomm is expected to adopt a new design for the Snapdragon 8 Gen 3 with one high-performance core, 5 efficiency cores and 2 power-saving cores.