Digital wellness of Android phones will track snoring and coughing during sleep

Google’s Digital Wellness app has been helping many people spend less time in front of their cellphone screens since Android 9, and it’s only gotten better in that time, helping to curb apps like TikTok, Instagram and other social networks, as well as can help create better sleep routines. Now, Google is preparing a new feature related to this last category.

That’s because the company is working on a cough and snoring detection system that will be part of the health package. In the latest beta update of the app, it was discovered that Google would offer snoring and cough tracking as part of the Sleep Mode section and will use the phone’s microphone to listen to the user’s breathing.

The Digital Wellbeing app works alongside Google Watch sleep tracking and for those who don’t know, it can also actually track how long you slept using your phone’s gyroscope and ambient light sensor to determine if your phone was sleeping. motionless all night or not.

You will be able to enable cough and snoring detection during your scheduled bedtime, and it will appear alongside other options such as screen personalization and Do Not Disturb. You will need to enable this feature and grant microphone access.

It is worth mentioning that the sensor will only be active during the hours you set. Cough and snoring data will also appear alongside the information that exists in using the app. The user will have access to a weekly graphed summary along with the average cough count and snoring time.

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The technology will also be able to show you the time when you didn’t cough or snore during bedtime. It is not yet known when everyone will have access to the novelty, but it should arrive very soon, through an update.

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