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Different colors – different moods: The pictures of the week (week 40)

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Color and light moods determine our pictures of the week this time: from strong red to dark blue to eye-catching mother-of-pearl.

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Colors have a psychological effect on people because they trigger emotions and moods that cannot always be directly understood. Colors can be calming, stimulating, increase attention or provide orientation. Different colors have different effects because each hue has a different wavelength and energy. They can influence how we feel, think and even act, because people react very directly to visual signals and absorb such information particularly quickly. The personal color perception can vary from person to person, depending on their origin, culture or experiences.

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From the pictures of the week we have selected three examples in which the color mood is an important element of the picture design:

Most people perceive the color red as warm. Many perceive red tones as comfortable and pleasant. However, it also promotes attention, which is why red is also used as a signal color in various contexts. In color theory, the color is also attributed power, endurance, dynamics and exuberance.

Our gallery photographer Joachim Kiner created an image entirely in red and explains:

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“The picture was taken at the beginning of September during a stadium tour of FC Bayern Munich’s Allianz Arena. What looks like red fruit gums from a well-known German manufacturer are actually new folding chairs in the upper tiers of the football temple. The favorable lighting conditions on the day the photo was taken made the plastic armchairs shine in a rich red and conjured up brightly shining rings of light on the upper edges of the backrests. During the final editing of the recording, I increased the contrast a bit and made sure to align the chairs as horizontally as possible.”

The color blue has two different effects on people: on the one hand, it can have a physiologically calming effect, on the other hand, it is psychologically associated with contentment and well-being. These balanced states can promote both creativity and performance.

The photo of a mushroom in the forest by Tino Weigelt (Lightpix84) radiates exactly this calm. The light and dark shades of blue, some of which are fading into black, create a harmonious contrast with the illuminated mushroom. Weigelt reports on his photo:

“I was again looking for mushrooms to take a nice photo. Normally it is otherwise rather gloomy weather or very shady in the forest, then you take two pictures and illuminate the mushroom with a flashlight on one, which you then put together in Photoshop. Here it was the case that the sun was shining and I photographed the mushroom quite normally in the sun and daylight. When I got home, instead of lighting up the mushroom, I darkened the surroundings to create this mystical effect.”

Actually, mother-of-pearl is a composite of mineral and organic substances, but it is also quite an interesting color. The luminous brilliance and light reflections of mother-of-pearl have an enchanting and sublime effect on many people, so that the color is also associated with softness, mildness, permanence and trust.

With Glacier River Abstract, gallery photographer Dave Derbis presents a shot that is composed of many colors, but in which the mother-of-pearl color of the glacier river permeates the image and determines its effect. The photographer tells:

“The photo was taken on a photo tour in Iceland. I’ve had this theme in my head for a number of years. On this trip, the conditions such as the water level of the rivers, the clouds and wind strength for the drone flight and the accessibility of a suitable starting point for the flight have finally come together. In order to find these river systems, I spent many hours researching satellite images in various online services before the trip. From the ground, these shallow river junctions look fairly unspectacular, but when viewed from above, the higher you go, the more abstract and intriguing they become.”

All pictures of the day of the past week can be found in our photo gallery:

The pictures of the week (week 40) (7 pictures)

gummy berries

Saturday: Gumdrops by Joachim Kiner. (Image: Joachim Kiner)


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