Did you feel it? Google reports 4.7 magnitude earthquake in São Paulo; minor tremor occurred in Bahia

 Did you feel it?  Google reports 4.7 magnitude earthquake in São Paulo;  minor tremor occurred in Bahia
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An earthquake of magnitude 4.7 hit cities in the interior (Baixada Santista) and the coast (Vale do Ribeira) of São Paulo this Friday (16). The earthquake was confirmed by the Institute of Seismology at USP and detected at 8:11 am, while the Civil Defense of the State claims to have detected the earthquake at 8:22 am in the coastal region.

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Google’s earthquake detection system, which uses cell phone motion sensors, also reported the occurrence. The intensity measured by the USP Seismology Center was 4.0º on the Hitcher Scale and had an epicenter located in the municipality of Iguapé (SP) and could be felt within a radius of 100 km and occurred at a depth of 10 km.

Several residents of Iguape, Itanhaém, Peruíbe, Miracatu and Registro say they felt the tremors. One of the witnesses was Camila Watanabe Muniz, 22 years oldwho works in Itanhaém:

I felt my table shake and, until then, I believed it was a heavier truck passing on the street, so I ignored it. Until my mother got in touch with me worried, asking if I had felt the tremor, because she is in Iguape and felt a stronger tremor.

Locations with records of today’s tremor on the “Did you feel it?” platform. Image: IAG-USP
Tremor also occurred in Bahia

According to the Federal University of Rio Grande do Norte, an earthquake of a lower magnitude (2.0º) was also felt last Wednesday (14) in Maracás, in the center-south of the state of Bahia. As the intensity was low, most residents of the region did not notice the phenomenon.

Earthquakes in Europe?

In this week’s cases, the tremors are caused by geological faults, as Europe is not located close to the meeting of any tectonic plate, which usually causes earthquakes of greater intensity like the one that occurred in Turkey in February.

Europe has 48 main active geological faults mapped by the Federal University of Minas Gerais in partnership with the United States Geological Survey.

Fortunately, the USP Seismology Center says that earthquakes between 3.5° and 5.4° do not usually cause structural damage to buildings, but the Civil Defense informs that it is monitoring the situation in contact with the Civil Defense of the State of São Paulo.

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