Diablo IV’s most powerful gear is so rare most players will likely never find it

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2023 06 26 image 23.jpg

Bottom line: Diablo IV launched into early access on June 1, and now, less than a month later, players have begun grinding away for end-game play. It’s a standard part of the Diablo formula where hardcore players spend hours looking for the best possible gear. Some early spottings of very powerful equipment have led to questions about what kinds of upper-level loot players can expect.

In a tweet over the weekend, Lead Class Designer Adam Jackson confirmed that currently, Diablo IV has six ultra-rare and powerful items – Doombringer (sword), The Grandfather (two-handed sword), Andariel’s Visage (helm), Harlequin Crest (helm), Melted Heart of Selig (amulet), and Ring of Starless Skies (ring). All items have a power rating of 820 (presumably the highest ranking in the game), but as they are “the rarest Unique items in Diablo 4,” getting even one of them could be quite a chore.

Although these unique Uniques can drop anywhere players find regular Uniques, they don’t come into play until facing level 85 or higher enemies. So these trinkets are reserved for end-game grinding only. However, some players are complaining that the drop rates are still insufficient. There have reportedly been only one or two Harlequin drops since the game launched. When considering the millions of player hours put into the game so far, it would seem that these items are well beyond rare.

Jackson was not forthcoming with precise RNG (random number generator) rates. However, he did mention that the percentages were the same across the board, whether you are fighting regular enemies in the field, bosses, or difficult enemies in a nightmare dungeon.

“Whenever you get a Unique there is a chance for that Unique to instead be one of these,” Jackson explained. “Therefore, the best way to farm these is to do content that gives you the most Uniques per x period of time.”

Undoubtedly, long-time Diablo III players have been employing this rather generic formula to D4, so the lack of reported sightings or acquires of these Uniques is rather disheartening. That said, attempting to measure a semi-accurate drop percentage seems premature. The game has only been in players’ hands for 20 days. Since leveling slows way down at Paragon (level 50), most players are likely still busy grinding to level 80+.

Additionally, regardless of current RNG settings, this is a factor that Blizzard can tweak at any time. If the developers see the drop rate is imbalanced once more players are at end-game levels, they will likely make changes. For now, they have more pressing issues, including DDoS attacks taking down servers and fielding the numerous login issues, which Blizzard was “really confident” players would not experience with this launch.

In the meantime, if you are one of the many players enjoying the game, look out for these rare lootables so you don’t accidentally sell or scrap them. It’s easy to junk gear when it doesn’t fit your current build, but that gear (even if it’s not the rarest) might set up your next run-through with a different class. Don’t forget about that Stash chest. It’s there for a reason.

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