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Diablo IV has 40 minutes of leaked videos that reveal gameplay and details

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More than 40 minutes of footage from diablo IV has been shared online, bringing gameplay and details.

The material was discovered by Reddit user iV1rus0 and consists of two clips, one at 5 minutes and the other at 38 minutes.

It is unclear who leaked the videos or why, but it is possible to hear a conversation in the video that suggests that the person recording the video is not the same person who was playing the video. Apparently, the player streamed online, most likely over Discord, while others watched.

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The video has several watermarks that indicate it is a private trial version with an ID number, which will make it easier for Blizzard to find out who the author of the broadcast was and take action on it.

While it’s unclear how the person obtained the game, one theory suggests that the recording is from the alpha test for friends and family, which has been going on since last month and the streamer likely has some relationship with a Blizzard employee. To check out the videos, click here.

However, it is clear that the videos were leaked by whoever was recording the player broadcasting their gaming session.

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In the short video, one person asks the other if they were watching Skye play and then someone mentions Diablo IV in order to not believe what they were seeing. During the broadcast, more people ask who the player was, indicating that he is not famous.

This is the second major leak in 24 hours, after Grand Theft Auto 6 had over 90 videos leaked. However, the main difference is that Blizzard had already shown some things from Diablo IV, while GTA 6 was under lock and key.

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