Diablo Immortal: Players with “orb debts” are being banned from PvP activities

Diablo Immortal: Players with
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Update (09/14/2022) – GS

A few days ago, a new controversy arose involving Diablo Immortal, when some players who purchased orbs from the game in parallel stores began to notice that they were being removed from their accounts and that Blizzard was leaving a negative balance, preventing the player from making new ones. shopping until he “paid off the debt” with orbs from the official store.

This week, new issues emerged for those players with debts, as Blizzard revealed that they will be banned from competitive multiplayer modes.

We have a hotfix in the works tonight that will restrict these players from Battlegrounds and other PvP activities.

Blizzard certainly doesn’t want to lose money and is doing everything possible to prevent players from purchasing the orbs through alternative means.

Do you think Blizzard’s attitudes are correct?

Original text – 09/02/2022

Diablo Immortal: Blizzard removes orbs purchased from side stores and leaves players in debt

Since it was released, Diablo Immortal has been involved in multiple controversies due to its monetization system, but even though it has made good profits for Blizzard’s coffers, the developer does not seem willing to clean up the game’s image.

This week, players who purchased game orbs through side stores are claiming that Blizzard has begun revoking orbs from their accounts, leaving them with “orb debts”.

As noted by PCGamesN, reports of Diablo Immortal orbs being revoked began appearing on Reddit this week after some users began to notice that the game was showing a negative number.

This means that in order to be able to buy more legitimate orbs (within the game’s own store), players must first refund the balance of orbs purchased through parallel stores.

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While purchasing orbs through side stores is against the game’s terms of service, some players choose to do so because it’s cheaper than using the game’s official system.

Some users have claimed that accounts that don’t pay their orb debt after a certain period of time will be permanently disabled, and others claim that instead of receiving a debt they are getting banned instantly.

Blizzard has not taken a position on the matter, but the terms of the game certainly allow it to take this kind of attitude, leaving only the players to accept the situation.

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