DeviantArt joins the trend of creating art with Artificial Intelligence


What at first was an exception is now the rule. Image generators from text are already present on many platforms, including Canva, so DeviantArt could not be an exception and now launches its own AI art generator.

The objective is to offer a tool for artists to use their style as direct inspiration, and for this they have created dreamupa tool that can be configured so that it does not use artists’ drawings to train itself.

If DeviantArt artists don’t want DreamUp to generate drawings in their style without their permission, they can and will do so.

When an artist decides they don’t want to take part in the AI ​​training, they’ll tag their page with the “noimageai” tag, and another “noai” tag will also protect their artwork when media files are downloaded directly from DeviantArt’s servers.

You can also give them permission to use their work to train AI models, both their own and third parties, but the results spit out by the AI ​​will credit the source, indicating where they got the inspiration from.

Artwork created with DreamUp’s AI will automatically be tagged as #AIArt, and users will be able to choose whether to hide that content from their homepages.

DreamUp is part of the basic subscription plans, it is not free, but all users can try the tool with up to five free images.

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