Details of Meta’s upcoming virtual reality headset revealed


There is no doubt that this year will be quite an interesting year with regard to the launch of new models of virtual reality viewers by different technology companies until they consolidate this commercial segment.

Mark Gurman, a Bloomberg analyst, points out in his “Power On” newsletter that in the coming months we could see a trade war between Apple and Meta Platforms in the segment of virtual reality headsets similar to the trade war started between Apple and Google 15 years ago in the segment of mobile operating systems.

Starting a new war between tech companies

And it is that there is little left for Apple to present its first virtual reality viewer model, scheduled for June 5 through the celebration of its developer event, of which there is hardly any information, while Meta Platforms , the parent company of platforms like Facebook, plans to announce the next version of its popular Quest family of virtual reality headsets next October.

In this regard, the analyst, who has had access to a test version of the new Meta Quest 3, having been developed under the name Eureka, believes that Apple’s announcement in the coming days could benefit Meta at its launch. .

To all this we must take into account that the Apple device will have a fairly high cost, above two thousand dollars, while the new Meta option will have a much more affordable price and aimed at private users.

Meta Quest 3 as the viewer designed for the general public

In his experience, he points out that the new Meta Quest 3 is a fairly light and thin device than its predecessor, released in 2020. He notes that the strap seems stronger and is made of cloth instead of the Quest 2’s plastic.

He adds that the new model debuts a new front-end design, featuring three pill-shaped vertical sensor areas on the front instead of a gray face, where the left and right pills include a color video pass-through camera, which This means that this model has two color cameras compared to the Quest 2’s non-color cameras, and that the middle pill includes a depth sensor, the first to be included in a Quest device.

It also points out that this device has tracking cameras available in the lower part of the front, in addition to also having a volume control and another to regulate the distance between the pupils, this last point being a substantial improvement as it does not need to be removed. headsets to manually move the screens within the device.

Also, the power button and USB-C port remain on the side of the new model of the headset. In contrast, the new device lacks facial and eye tracking, which are present in the Meta Quest Pro and are also expected to become available in Apple’s new headsets.

Streaming video improvements and more

Apart from the hardware features, Gurman has also highlighted some improvements at the software level, noting especially the improvements in video transmission for augmented reality (although far from the experience that Apple’s option could offer), in addition to the improvement performance in general, the improvement in fluidity in navigation, and more.

There is no final price yet, but according to close sources, it could be over $400 for Meta Quest 2.

More information: Bloomberg
Image: Meta Quest 2 / Credit: Meta Platforms

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