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Designed for Mac: Logitech releases new keyboards and mice

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Logitech has released new mice and keyboards specifically designed for Apple devices. But is there more to it than just marketing?


Logitech has released a range of keyboards and mice specifically designed to meet the needs of Apple users. The “Designed for Mac” series has been expanded to include the MX Mechanical Mini for Mac keyboard and the K380 Bluetooth keyboard for Mac, as well as the MX Master 3S for Mac mouse and the Lift for Mac ergonomic mouse.

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From the outside, the new devices look like the previously released variants for the PC. These can also be used with Macs. What is noticeable about the “Designed for Mac” keyboards is the keyboard layouts adapted to the Mac, which contain the “Command” and “Option” keys in addition to the function keys. The mice, on the other hand, look identical. According to Logitech, however, they have a different firmware adapted to Apple devices, which is why the manufacturer does not add a Bluetooth dongle and is confident that they can communicate directly with Macs, iPads and iPhones via Bluetooth without restrictions.

Nevertheless, the manufacturer admits that the addition “for Mac” also has an important function in terms of marketing. Apple users would often make purchasing decisions dependent on a device being specially optimized for it.

The MX Mechanical Mini for Mac is a mechanical keyboard with Tactile Quiet Switches. There is also a backlight, which can be provided with various effects using the Option+ software. You can quickly switch between three set devices using shortcut keys. The keyboard is charged via USB-C. The keyboard is available in a dark and a light variant (Space Gray and Pale Gray). It costs around 160 euros.

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The MX Master 3S for Mac looks similar to the MX Master 3 and differs in use mainly through the significantly reduced clicking noise. The DPI rate can now be set between 1000 and 8000 so that you can work more precisely on high-resolution monitors. It is charged via USB-C, also exists in a light and a dark variant and has the ability to quickly switch between three preset devices. The mouse costs just under 130 euros.

The vertical mouse Lift for Mac is aimed at users who want to relieve their wrist. The ergonomically shaped device has a 57° angle and is intended to put the hand in a natural position. There are two mouse buttons and a scroll wheel on the right and two function keys on the left. The mouse costs just under 80 euros and is powered by an AA battery.

According to Logitech, the K380 multi-device keyboard for Mac is aimed at “digital desk nomads”. It is quite compact and can also quickly switch between three devices at the push of a button. The Blueberry-colored device costs around 50 euros and is powered by two AAA batteries.

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