Deleting Microsoft Edge Browsing History Just Got Easier

Deleting Microsoft Edge Browsing History Just Got Easier
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O Microsoft Edge received a new trial version of the Canary program and it was noted by browser testers that the process of deleting browsing history, cache, cookies, and downloads was simplified and made more user-friendly.

Until then, users had to dig through Edge’s settings to find where to remove browser history. However, the new version of Canary saves one click when it comes to clearing the browser’s browsing data.

This news was released by Twitter user Leopeva64. One shortcut with the trash can icon was introduced when accessing the settings page, which eliminates the need for the user to go to the browser options to clear the history.

the new option saves one click when clearing history and really makes the process easier. As for those who like to use shortcuts, it is still possible to press the Ctrl + Shift + Delete keys to delete information directly.

It is worth mentioning that this change is still being tested in the Canary version of Edge. Therefore, few users have access and there is still no information about when the new shortcut will be released to all people using the Microsoft browser.

The company is testing a number of new features in the Canary version of Edge, such as an even more effective dark mode and new sidebar options that let you switch between desktop and mobile versions of websites, for example.

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