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Decentraland sells virtual land for millions of dollars, and there are people who buy it

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Since Facebook, now Meta, revealed its plans to offer its users an experience within the metaverse, there has been a domino effect in which several projects framed within this virtual environment have already been promoted.

One of them comes from Decentraland, a platform through which users acquire virtual land.

In that sense, it was recently announced that a subsidiary of the portal tokens.com by name The Metaverse Group made an expense of 618 thousand MANA, equivalent to 2.16 million euros, to buy virtual land within Decentraland. This, with the aim of establishing a space dedicated to the sale of virtual clothing for avatars.

You are probably wondering what MANA is. This refers to a coin created by Decentraland after its launch in 2017.

Since that time, the platform issued a total of 2,600 million MANA tokens of which it is estimated that there are 1,690 million tokens in circulation right now. MANA is used as currency for the payment of virtual land in Decentraland, as well as for the acquisition of virtual goods and services.

After Mark Zuckerberg’s announcement about the metaverse, MANA increased its value by 4 times.

Regarding the purchase made by The Metaverse Group in Decentraland, this comprises a number of 116 small pitches with a length of 4.88 digital square meters that together add up 565.78 virtual square meters.

This operation can be compared to spending money to set up shops within the Sims or Second life, although in this case Decentraland is the site chosen for it.

Already in the month of April of this year, Decentraland had registered a total of $ 50 million product of the sale of land, avatars, properties and accessories housed within virtual cities.

And it is that buying these virtual lands seems to have become an action similar to what it was to buy a property during the real-world real estate boom.

One of Decentraland’s investors, Ryan Kunzmann, reported how he invested $ 15,000 buying 62 plots on this platform and that after three months he had recovered his investment by selling eight of them.

If you want to know more about Decentraland you can do so by visiting their website

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