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Decathlon launches an electric bicycle capable of supporting up to 170 kilos

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When it comes to sporting goods, Decathlon is the place where people can go to find everything they need in this area.

Likewise, Decathlon has a line of electric bikes which has been on the market for some time.

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In this sense, this chain of stores recently launched its latest model, the b-Twin Elops R500which has been defined by the company as «long tail».

At a conceptual level, this electric bicycle has been designed to be used in an urban environment and fulfill functions of transportation and loading of objects.

Another aspect that is notable in the Elops R500 is the fact that, in addition to making it easier for the person to move from one point to another, it allows it to be used for cycling, also offering the possibility of be accompanied by a child on the trip.

design and loading

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In terms of its design, this cargo-type electric bicycle model is distinguished from other similar ones thanks to its more careful lines than usual.

Despite the presence of a stretched-out rear chainstay, Decathlon had no problem keeping the front geometry clean, while for the cargo platforms it went with the use of wood on their surfacescontrasting subtly with the light blue of the painting.

Regarding its load capacity, Decathlon mentions that it has a limit of 170 kiloswhile other models in this aspect only offer a maximum load capacity of 90 kilos, that is, 10 for the front basket and 80 distributed in the rest of the structure.

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Decathlon elops R500 electric bike

This is how you can take advantage of the load capacity of the Elops R500 to transport two children on the main cargo rackalthough it is required to adapt chairs for it.

Technical specifications

Moving on to the specifications part, this electric bike has a motor that yields one 250w rated power, although it can reach 680w at its maximum power, this being complemented by 58Nm of torque.

As for the battery, it has a capacity of 672Whsomething that according to Decathlon gives the Elops R500 the necessary autonomy to complete between 50 to 90 kilometers of travel on a single charge.

And although this may result in a short autonomy for many people, it must be taken into account that it is an electric bicycle that measures 2.2 meters endowed with a weight of 38 kilos. Those who are interested in buying the Elops R500 will be able to do so for a price of 2,799.99 euros.

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