Dead Space: Remake developers want to continue the franchise

Dead Space: Remake developers want to continue the franchise
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Last month, Electronic Arts and EA Motive released a remake of the original Dead Space. Coming nearly 10 years after the last unreleased title in the franchise, EA Motive had a lofty mission to accomplish. Thankfully, the remake was extremely well-received, with many critics praising the way EA Motive improved upon the original.

Naturally, many have been wondering where the franchise will go from here, but it looks like EA Motive wants to play a role in that future. In a question and answer game made on Reddit, the developer revealed its desire to continue with the franchise.

Dead Space is one of the most acclaimed video game franchises, but many agree that the third title did not live up to the previous ones, not giving a worthy ending to the trilogy.

Now that the remake of the first game has been released, many wonder if EA intends to follow a similar path to Capcom, also releasing remakes of the sequel. If it depends on EA Motive, the studio that worked on the first remake, this will definitely happen.

We’ve said internally and externally that we’d be interested in continuing our work on the Dead Space franchise. Our core group is passionate about the brand and we need to discuss what is the right next step for us. There are several factors that need to be taken into account at a studio and company level, but first, the team will take a well-deserved vacation before determining what comes next.

It’s still too early to say how the Dead Space remake will perform in terms of sales, but the game’s performance will likely determine the future of the series. In an ideal world, fans won’t have to wait another decade to see the series revisited.

So, looking forward to the release of new remakes of the franchise?