Dead Island 2 is alive and will arrive on February 3

dead island 2 anuncio.jpg
dead island 2 anuncio.jpg

For the closing of the Gamescom Opening Night Live, the organizers decided to give prominence to a dead man who turns out to be very much alive. Dead Island 2 is back among us.

Not only was it revived but we were given a date. next february 3 DeepSilver Y Dambuster Studios They will bring us the long-awaited sequel that last time was left in a cinematic. For the occasion they showed a new one with that casual tone of the saga but they also added a second video with gameplay.

Dead Island 2 It will take us to a Los Angeles infested with zombies and abandoned by the authorities. We and some others will be cooler than anyone else and we will stay in the city and we will also take advantage of the abilities that being bitten and contaminated with the virus has given us.


The game once again bets on melee combat as a maxim in a sandbox that will take us through the most emblematic places in the city of California. We will be able to choose between six characters totally different from each other since they will have their own personality and dialogues. It will have its RPG touches that will allow us to choose skills and complete missions for what is now called HELL-A.

In addition, emphasis has been placed on the dismemberment of zombies and their different reactions so that our walks through the city are just as bloody as they are fun. As if that were not enough, the game will allow four-player cooperative in case we get bored after cutting down hundreds of zombies.

Dead Island 2 It will arrive on February 3 on PC, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Stadia, Xbox One and Xbox Series.