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De-Mail: Return of the Postillions

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De-Mail has had its day: it would have great advantages for consumers – but not for the corporations that want to earn money from them.

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Still looking for a good way to save your sour savings from inflation? I have a tip: buy a stagecoach. Because just as the traffic light government is doing its top priority digitization, the companions from the time of those of Thurn and Taxis will be important again in the future.

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Since September 1, when Telekom discontinued its De-Mail service, almost all federal ministries, including the Chancellery and that for digitization, can no longer be reached electronically with legal certainty. The high ladies and gentlemen were not able to switch to another provider in time. “The mailbox is closed,” writes Telekom in its error message when you want to send Scholz & Co. an electronic registered mail. It was foreseeable that the switch from Telekom would be difficult for private users. But the federal government should be able to do something like this. After all, she has one decisive advantage: power.

If you think De-Mail is superfluous: have you ever tried to send a stubborn provider, energy supplier, bank or insurance company a verifiable notice of termination? That would be available via De-Mail for 78 cents. The proof of delivery comes immediately and its probative value is documented by law. But because the legislature has failed to make De-Mail mandatory, at least for some sectors dominated by market giants, something like this can only be done by stagecoach and then costs around six euros. The requested return receipt often comes back without a signature or not at all. De-Mail would have great advantages for consumers – but not for the corporations that want to earn money from them.

The much-maligned service could bring the country a good deal forward in digitization without much effort. If the legislature wrote just a few sentences into existing regulations on banks, insurance companies, energy suppliers and communication providers, the cards would be reshuffled. However, the federal government seems to long for the good old stagecoach. So put your money there instead of investing in digital services.

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De Mail Return of the Postillions


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c’t issue 20/2022


Mailboxes will be deleted in November Telekoms De Mail move is


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